Strain gauge production site


Our unique expertise in strain gauge technology recently caught the eye of one of Sweden’s leading business magazines. The unconventional piazza-inspired production site at Gluetec headquarters served as the backdrop for an interview with Dagens industri, published on December 13.

Each year our Sorsele factory produces between 20,000 and 30,000 tranducers for the global automotive industry. The advanced technology is a product of nearly 30 years of close client-oriented R&D that can be extended to numerous industrial applications worldwide.

The setting where it all takes place is somewhat unconventional. The factory floor at Gluetec headquarters, located in the heart of Swedish Lapland, features a small village with piazza-inspired street lamps and café furniture. The first elements were introduced to the factory more than 20 years ago and has since then grown to include a combined canteen and break room. Many of the cottages also house fully equipped work stations. Among many positive effects on the work environment, the cottages help reduce industrial elements such as noise.

”Our production site here in Sorsele is fairly quiet, considering the fact that we are an industrial company” says Helena Back, CEO.

The article from Dagens industri is available online in Swedish. Click here to read more: