Gluetec employees Magnus Berggren, Malin Fjällström and Patrik Holmgren boast more than 75 years’ combined experience and expertise in strain gauge technology, each having reached 25 years as employees of the company.

In April, we celebrated three work anniversaries, each for someone who has reached 25 years’ service with the company during the past few years.

Gluetec’s Chief Technology Officer Magnus Berggren has been with us on our journey since day one and with his 27 years is the longest-serving employee at the company. He remembers when the company – which at the time was still known as Gargnäs Elteknik – received an enquiry about manufacturing torque sensors. This marked the beginning of a long collaboration which shaped the customer-driven development that is Gluetec’s hallmark today.

– It’s really cool how we have pushed the boundaries of possibility over the years that we have been developing products together with our customers. I still find problem-solving fun; you are always learning something new, says Magnus. 

Malin and Patrik joined the company not long afterwards. Two of Gluetec’s most experienced employees, who over the years have contributed to the quality assurance and development of the company’s production and logistics departments.

– I really enjoy working here and the progress has been incredible,” says Malin. Soldering, for example, used to be a very time-consuming task, with many labour-intensive elements. It could take a new employee a whole working day to complete an operation in a product. Technology has really moved on and we now have a completely different workflow.

Our three work anniversaries were celebrated with balloons, cake and flowers. The traditional gold watch was replaced with a gift card to spend on something fun – and it didn’t take Malin long to decide:

– We can’t travel right now, so I bought some backcountry skis. It feels great to own a pair! They’re the kind of thing you might not buy yourself.

Congratulations to those celebrating their work anniversaries with us! We’ll be getting the party hats out again soon – next year there is a 20th anniversary to celebrate for yet another colleague.