Gluetec Piteå invests in a modern 3D printer from market-leading BCN3D. The new equipment will be used in making protoypes and production aids among other things, creating new possibilities for Gluetec clients.

The new 3D printer of the model Sigma R19 has already been put in use at Gluetec Piteå. The operations were aquired by Gluetec AB in 2017 and offers subcontracting of small components with advanced precision work. In addition, Gluetec Piteå has the know-how and resources to assist in complete commitments from problem solving to final product. The current machinery includes equipment for top class CNC works, turning and milling, as well as 5-axis multi operational machines. The printer will mainly serve as an internal production aid. However, thanks to its speed and ability to print in complicated shapes, the device will also be helpful in the production of protoypes and fixtures. The Sigma R3 is compliant with PLA, PVA, PET-G, ABS, TPU, nylon and other composites, to name a few, and prints up to 210 mm x 297 mm x 210 mm in size. This creates new and exciting opportunities for product design and innovation. Andreas Jalar is head of the Piteå operations and he looks forward exploiting the possibilities together with the cleints and partners of Gluetec:

– In the role of problem solver and R&D partner, the fact that we now have more possibilities to work more freely and with solutions beyond traditional maching, is very useful. Precision and quality are important factors for our clients and we look forward finding more efficient and creative solutions to their challenges.

More information about our offer can be found here.

Inquiries regarding metal works and subcontracting are answered by Andreas Jalar.