Gluetec AB is merging with Piteå Verktygs AB, thus expanding the offer to include manufacturing of transducer elements, prototypes and fixtures. Along with the merger Piteå Verktygs AB is changing its name to Gluetec Piteå.

Gluetec Piteå has been operating since the mid 1980’s and is specialized in advanced machinig, cog production and production cutting services. Helping clients to find new ways to enhance efficiency and performance has always been the core of the business. Applying leading technology, functionality, quality and security of supply have become a trademark of Gluetec Piteå.

– One of the driving forces has always been to focus on performance in order to provide technical customisations that will bring about a positive solution for our clients. It’s a pleasure to continue providing attractive solutions together with the skilled professionals at Gluetec, says Andreas Jalar, site manager and former owner of Piteå Verktygs AB.

As a result of the merger Gluetec will gain increased control over the manufacture and refinement of transducer elements. For Gluetec clients, this also suggests enhanced security of supply as well as new opportunities for close-knit, problem-based development.

– We are extremely happy to tie Andreas, Nicklas and other staff members in Piteå closer to Gluetec. They have the capacity to deliver the high level of quality that we want, and we will also be able to strengthen and streamline the making of both products and prototypes, says Thomas Karlsson, chairman of Gluetec AB.

Gluetec Piteå will continue to operate in the facility in Piteå, Sweden.

For more information please contact:

Andreas Jalar
Site Manager Gluetec Piteå
+46 70-609 85 86